Wise people often say “Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart”. But how many of us do really follow this wise quote? Do we not constantly try to look beautiful/ well groomed/ smell nice in order to impress people around? (Sadly the answer is “We do”)

There is no doubt that no matter how many times people quote these quotes, We surely are living in an “appearance- centric world”! We have this utmost desire to look and smell good to socially acceptable standards.

But have u ever wondered that while you are exfoliating your face with that most expensive exfoliating scrub in your dressing table, you are contributing to four awful things:

  1. Environmental pollution
  2. Killing of animals
  3. Threat to your own health
  4. Child labor


You must be thinking  how can that seemingly harmless , cute little bottle of that scrub is being held responsible for these things. Strange? Well… Let me explain! Those exfoliating scrubs, face wash contain small tiny particles of plastics called “Micro-beads”. These microbeads are made of either polyethylene, polypropylene, or polystyrene. While we are rinsing our face with those scrubs to get ready for a romantic date at “Sagar ratna” with “him” , we do not realize that those tiny plastic beads get washed down to drain and because of their small size, they do not get caught in the sewage treatment plant and hence lead to Plastic water pollution !!

Those dozens of bottles adorning our bathroom shelves are made of increasingly scarce resources , and despite our best intentions, many of them are destined for landfills. It has been observed that 23000 tonnes toothbrush end up in US landfill every year and 2 billion disposable razors are thrown away in US. (Pretty threatening….isnt it?)


The chemical substances used in cosmetics such as P-Phenylenediamine (in dark hair coloring products), Cosmetic preservatives like BHT/BHA, Dioxane (found in creams, moisturizers, shampoos), Dibutyl Phthalate (found in nail polish), Triclocan (hand sanitizers, deodorant), Diethanolamine (almost every product) ..these dreadly chemical substances wash down to the drains and enter into the water cycle. Where all life on earth is dependent on water cycle, this contaminated water vaporizes into the atmosphere , re- accumulates into clouds , then re-liquefies and returns as rain. (This time…..tip tip barsa paani, paani ne tabahi machayi chemicals k sath).

Then there comes this packaging of the products which comprises of more than 40% of rigid plastic.  The reason of using this rigid plastic as a packaging material for these shampoo bottles  is to prevent the packaging to be degraded by those harmful chemicals contained in the bottle. This packaging material then needs hundreds of years to be degraded and thus becomes a major contributor to already brooming plastic pollution.

These chemicals when enter into the water cycle, destroy the aquatic life to the extent which is possible and even beyond that.  Some of these chemicals have been linked in animal studies to male genital birth defects, decreased sperm counts, and altered pregnancy outcomes. Their use disrupts the hormonal balance , and can lead to skin cancer too!! ( Ladies, the greatest gift you can ever give to your husband is the “healthy you” . So choose to be healthy because the most perfect health is the most perfect beauty)

And what is worse than snatching someone’s childhood? Nothing! Do we have a realization that those glittery products we use to shine at a party contains a mineral dust called “Mica” whose mining involves more than 20000 of child labor ? In the state of Bihar and Jharkhand , children as young as of 6 years of age are employed in the dangerous mining of Mica which is responsible for adding shimmer to the beauty products. The tender age where they should be holding pens in their hands, they hold tools, and what will bring you goosebumps is the fact that 5 to 10 kids die every month in Jharkand and Bihar owing to Mica Mining.  Child labor is nothing less than child abuse and we surely never want to contribute to it.


Now here comes the question as to how can we do our bit to reduce the load on the environment and be a socially responsible citizen.

Firstly, we can opt for ecologically safe packaging or no packaging at all or recyclable plastic bottles, simple paper wrapping or reusable glass packaging to keep product waste out of landfill. There are companies such as Lush, The body shop, L’Oreal etc who have taken this initiative.

Secondly, Going “Natural” never goes out of style, like we can use besan, aloe vera, coconut oil for they have numerous beauty effects. (We do have all the “daadi maa k nuskhe” for that ultra glowing skin. Don’t we? )

And most importantly, we must not forget the fact that every woman is beautiful, it just takes the right man to see it!!

-By Bongi (Editor :Trystwitheco)

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