Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest organized crime after drugs.

Trafficking means any activity leading to recruitment, transportation or harboring of person or human organs by means of threat or use of force.

 Close to 80% of human trafficking across the world is done for sexually exploitation and rest is for bonded labor and India is considered as the hub of crime in Asia.

A lot of young boys are trafficked into India for work as bonded labor in industries like coal, bricks, handloom and embroidery.   They are made to work upto 16 hours a day in return of some food or very little or no money.   India is also a transit point for young boys who are sent to Dubai and other middle east countries for Camel Racing.

In the western part of India’s capital city New Delhi more than 5000 domestic worker placement agencies operate from Shakurbasti for years.  These agencies have flourished by indulging in the business of trafficking minor girls and selling them as domestic salves in the cities.

 Agents identify girls from extremely poor families and lure them to the city with the promise of good job and sell them to a domestic placement agency.  Agency resells her a domestic salve.

 Several natural disasters have left millions homeless which has created easy target for traffickers. Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprise because it holds low rise with high profit because unlike drugs human can be sold repeatedly..

Social inequality, regional gender imbalance, poverty and corruption are the leading causes of human trafficking in India.   Sometimes parents are also desperate to sell their daughters to earn money.  Family pressures to employ children are the main factors, why human trafficking is arising each day.

Victims of human trafficking have great chances of suffering from Issues like mental disorders, depression and anxiety. Women into trafficking Have higher risk of getting affected from HIV.


  1. There are estimated 27 million adults and 13 millions children around the world who are victims of human trafficking
  2. Human trafficking not only involves sex and labour but also human organs
  3. Research estimates that more than 80% victims are female
  4. Over 90% of the trafficking is done within border and 10% from overseas.
  5. NCB findings shows that West Bengal is the hub of Human trafficking in India, followed by Tamil Nadu, Assam, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.  Delhi is the transit point
  6. As per NCB data in 2014-15 65.5% of crimes committed in India was related to human trafficking, out of which 31% of the crime was registered to minor girls trafficking.
  7. According to Governments data in every eight minute, a child goes missing. Almost 40000 children are kidnapped yearly but 11000 could never be traced.
  8. India alone is home of 40% of world’s total estimated 48.5 million salves

According to Global data: Though under the immoral trafficking prevention act, trafficking is penalized and punishment ranges from 7 years to life imprisonment but there is a huge gap between enactment and enforcement of these laws.  Activists says although the government response to human trafficking has improved in recent years, justice and support still eludes many victims especially children. There should be strict disciplinary action against everybody involved in such a crime, then only problem can be addressed.  Also better education and job facilities should be provided at native place, so that parents do not opt these ways for their kids.  Above all attitude towards women and young girls must be changed.

Human trafficking is something inhuman and unethical.  This is something shame to society and mankind.   THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED.

-I VIJAY LAXMI, working as a manager in LIC of India, Chandigarh have a strong feeling to eradicate these crimes from society, by spreading awareness and contributing to eliminate trafficking against minor girls and women.

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