But Why? Don’t I have something better to do.

In this rat race of chasing our desires we are ignoring something that matters the most i.e. nature.  In a bid to make our life more comfortable, to achieve higher social status and to become a good citizen our morals and conscience have taken a backseat. We have forgotten the difference between development and encroachment. We,the responsible evolved specie in our callousness ,are not only disturbing the ecology but are also preparing a grave for our kids (or future generation) , our siblings and the “one”.

110107-sudan-referendum-20.nbcnews-ux-1024-900Our irresponsible consumption and ignorance is not only impacting the trivial (considered) plants and animals but also our own species. The resources which were meant to be enjoyed by all humanity are at the disposal of few with others long for these. That is why, a father in Somalia is unable to arrange even a single meal for his 2 year old daughter while a kid in United States is refusing to eat healthy broccoli, her mom has prepared.


Our “modus operandi” is laid on the destruction of our very planet. In an attempt to “remind” you and most importantly myself that each of us (irrespective of we are human-rich or poor, plants and animals) has a life, a right to live and one’s “desire” should not effect others or in other words “our own”, I have initiated this blog.

The thoughts need a vent.

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